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A Tractor Changed My Life (Truby Tip about the Power of Choice)

Discover how a childhood encounter with a tractor taught Bill Truby the power of choice. This inspiring story reveals how pivotal moments shape us and how we can harness our own power to transform our lives.

What You Appreciate… Appreciates (Truby Tip about Value of Appreciation)

Discover the immense value of appreciation for personal and professional success. Unlock its power with this quick tip!

Purpose That’s Profitable (Truby Tip)

Consider this fundamental truth: prioritizing a purpose that’s profitable over solely chasing profit can significantly enhance your business’s success and longevity.

Bananas and Beans (Achievement Nudge about Peace of Mind)

Unveil the secrets of self-value calibration through a quirky culinary tale! Picture this: a notorious sandwich concoction sparks a revelation about personal worth. Join the journey from beans and bananas to a profound truth about embracing individuality.

What Are You Worth? (Achievement Nudge about Achieving Greater Self-Worth)

Discover how to determine your true worth beyond external standards. Uncover the profound impact of valuing uniqueness and existence on self-worth and fulfillment. Explore the power of embracing your individuality for a more fulfilling life journey.

Baseball and Spitting (Achievement Nudge about Achieving Better Behavior)

Uncover the intriguing psychology behind a widespread baseball habit and its relevance to fostering better behavior. Explore how divergent approaches to meeting needs can catalyze the transformation of negative behaviors into positive ones, offering profound insights for personal growth.

Texting and Nothing New in the Universe (Achievement Nudge about Powerful Change)

Ever wonder how the Wright brothers’ simple observation of birds led to human flight? Dive into our latest post to uncover the secret behind powerful change. From ancient texts to modern communication, discover how small shifts in interaction hold the key to transforming your world.

Try This Simple Brain Exercise

Maintaining optimal brain function is vital for lifelong growth. Diverse challenges, like using the non-dominant hand or learning new words, stimulate brain growth. It’s an ongoing exercise program, emphasizing frequent mental workouts for sustained development. The mind’s flexibility shines in deciphering misspelled sentences, showcasing its remarkable capacity.

Achieve Better Outcomes by Asking Better Questions

Uncover the power of questions in shaping thoughts and actions. Subconscious inquiries guide decisions, yet we often miss them, fixating on answers. By becoming aware of these hidden questions, one gains control, makes better decisions, and influences outcomes. For conscious queries, consider their impact on the desired outcome. Mastering the art of questioning leads to better understanding and control of oneself and others.

Be Flexible to Achieve Greater Strength

We were lounging at a pool in Hawaii. It was a day off from work. Though warm enough to be outside enjoying the sun, the wind was blowing fiercely, a…

Possibility Thinking versus Probability Thinking

When people hear that they can’t lick their elbow – many try it. Some have even proven the “fact” wrong. There are YouTube videos of people with freakishly long (or…

Saying No – Choose Your Words More Carefully

“Yes” is a word that can really impact our lives. But saying “no” can be just as important, maybe more so. The word “no” is one of the most important…

Being Rooted

Just a Minute Transcript There are so many lessons in nature. The one I want to bring to you at this moment, the one I’m thinking about at this moment,…

Stop Giving Authority To Those Who Shouldn’t Have It

Imagine a strange, make-believe world where a person in a business promotes someone ABOVE them. Follow me here… Jane wants to know how she’s doing in her business and whether…

Achiever “Free-er” Freedom by Eliminating Chains

I was jogging in a new neighborhood once when a rather mean looking dog began running toward me at full speed. His snarling, barking, aggressive attack came to an abrupt…

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