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Leaders and business owners have many responsibilities. You know it’s up to you to . . .

Grow your department or business without absorbing 100% of your time.

Build a high-performing team that doesn’t exhibit petty people problems that suck up your time and energy.

Increase your profit margin without making huge changes to your operations.

Have a successful department or business AND have a rewarding personal and family life.

Most leaders feel the need to improve their own skills AND the responsibility to build leadership skills in others as well.

Leadership skills are SO important. Research shows, “As goes the leaders, so goes the company.”


Here are some free resources from Truby Achievements, Inc, a leading provider of personal and professional development tools, from over 40 years of experience helping companies of all sizes be successful, and a strong history in building practical leadership skills in people who want to grow. 

Most Popular Leadership Articles

Free Leadership AssessmentS

desktop showing the leadership assessment - for the free leadership resources page on truby achievements

 Leadership Assessment

This assessment is an interesting one. It measures your effectiveness at being a leader and manager – however, if YOU take it, the results might be skewed by your biases. One of the most useful ways to use this assessment is to take it yourself, leader, then have others take the assessment, answering the questions based on how they view you. Comparing the two results is, quite often, very interesting.

desktop showing the team assessment - for the free leadership resources page on truby achievements

Team Effectiveness Assessment

The state or well-being of your people, their skill level and how they interact is directly associated with how well you lead. This is called “Corporate Culture” and has been scientifically linked to profitability, productivity, and success. How does your corporate culture measure up? This assessment will not only tell you that, it will give you a descriptive prediction of what’s going on. Knowing will either be a “benchmark” – or a place to start for improvement.

FREE Leadership Tools

tablet showing the delegation flow chart - for the free leadership resources page on truby achievements

 Delegation Flow Chart

To be an effective leader, you need to be an effective delegator. This flow chart will help you immediately improve your delegation efforts or learn how to delegate efficiently. It includes:

  • The four steps of how to delegate both responsibility AND authority.
  • Paths to follow if your team member either follows through or does NOT follow through.
  • Four reasons for a lack of follow-through and how to fix each.
  • Conversation guidelines to use when there is a lack of follow-through.

Free Leadership Guides

tablet showing the leadership guide - 10 mistakes leaders make - for the free leadership resources page on truby achievements

Leadership Guide: 10 BIG Mistakes Leaders Make

Learn the top 10 BIG mistakes leaders make and why each of them is important to correct as a leader. The list is developed from 40 years of working with companies of all sizes and coaching hundreds of individual leaders. And, the “best thing” about these mistakes? It’s often easy to fix them once you acknowledge and accept that you are making them.

tablet showing the change guide- how to rise above worry and fear- for the free leadership resources page on truby achievements

Instruction Guide: How to Rise Above Worry and Fear

You won’t see this anywhere. It’s an eBook that clearly explains, from science, how the current crisis is causing psychological effects, relationship difficulties. It shows you how fear can even weaken your immune system. People are devouring its content – and using the teachings and tools to find some degree of normalcy again.

Free Leadership Training

desktop showing the leadership training - hidden power of leadership - for the free leadership resources page on truby achievements

Leadership Tutorial – Learn the Hidden Power of Your Leadership Role

For decades, the world has focused on building better leaders. Why? Because “nothing trickles up.” As goes the leaders, so goes the company. That fact is undeniable.

Most people don’t realize the unintended consequences they create… by not understanding “the power in the chair” – The Leadership Chair.

This quick video (less than 10 minutes) motivates and inspires a person who is in a leadership role to understand the impact they have on others. And…quite frankly… it often stuns the viewer.

Understanding the hidden power in the leadership role helps you maximize your leadership potential, and prevent unintended negative consequences.

bill truby standing outside - founder of truby achievements, a leading provider of personal and professional development tools

Meet Bill Truby, Our Training Expert

CEO and Founder of Truby Achievements

Bill Truby, M.A. MFCC, is a psychology and business-trained consultant, speaker, author, and educator whose focus is on improving the quality of human fulfillment and performance in organizations. His clients include architectural, engineering and related design profession firms; manufacturing companies, dental and medical offices, hospitals, wineries, insurance companies, schools, churches, health clubs; and various product, service, and sales organizations.

Bill’s work includes consulting for goal setting, team building, strategic planning, management transition; and training in leadership, communications, sales, delegation, motivation, and other organizational skills. Truby Achievements has now taken their experience working one-on-one with businesses of all sizes and created an online version of their proven business system to help even more people. 

Truby is a popular speaker and workshop leader for the American Society of Landscape Architects, the Professional Services Management Association, the American Society of Association Executives, the Society of Architectural Administrators, California Association of Hospital Admission Managers, and the American Institute of Architects.

He has worked extensively throughout the United States as well as Australia, Singapore, Thailand, and Hong Kong. Bill has a Master’s Degree in Psychology and has been teaching personal, interpersonal, and organizational success strategies for the past 30 years.