Start the Leadership & Management Skills Self-Assessment

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There are 7 key skills that every manager should possess. Think about your direct leader/manager as you fill out this survey. The score will reflect their effectiveness.

If you want to assess yourself as a leader/manager, fill out the assessment based on what YOU think of your management skills. You can also fill out the assessment on how you think that your STAFF would rate you. The comparison can be very enlightening.

 1 - Very Poor2345678910 - Great

Hold efficient meetings that have clear outcomes

Communicate clearly and in a timely way

Delegate and let go

Create a culture where people are accountable

Use metrics to monitor progress and success

Resolve conflict quickly and easily

Prevent personality differences from getting in the way of the issue at hand


About This Free Leadership Assessment

Leaders and Managers are the keys to an organizations success! Competent management is what sets the tone (and the limits) for success. Further, there is a direct correlation between the skills and abilities of a manager and the contribution of staff. This assessment is designed to give an indication of the effectiveness of someone’s leadership skills.

This free leadership assessment is an interesting one. It measures your effectiveness at being a leader and manager – however, if YOU take it, the results might be skewed by your biases. One of the most useful ways to use this assessment is to take it yourself, leader, then have others take the assessment, answering the questions based on how they view you. Comparing the two results is, quite often, very interesting.