Start the Burnout Assessment

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Think in terms of your recent past. Allow yourself to interpret the words and phrases however you want. This is a subjective test; there is no right answer.

How often do you have any of the following experiences?

 NeverHardly EverRarelySometimesOftenUsuallyAlways

1. Being tired

2. Feeling depressed

3. Having a good day

4. Being physically exhausted

5. Being emotionally exhausted

6. Being happy

7. Being “wiped out”

8. Feeling “burned out”

9. Being unhappy

10. Feeling rundown

11. Feeling trapped

12. Feeling worthless

13. Being weary

14. Being troubled

15. Feeling disillusioned and resentful about people

16. Feeling weak

17. Feeling hopeless

18. Feeling rejected

19. Feeling optimistic

20. Feeling energetic

21. Feeling anxious


About This Free Burnout Assessment

Stress is not burnout – burnout comes from stress. When you experience a set of stressors if they aren’t processed in a healthy way your energy is drained and the stress builds up. This continues with each new stressful experience until energy is dangerously low and stress becomes overwhelmingly high. This is the path to burnout. Burnout can manifest in physical, emotional and behavioral ways. This free burnout assessment will help you learn more.

Read more about the signs of burnout and more about stress in general in our free Stress/Burnout Kit E-Book. You can also purchase on-demand access to our Stress Management tutorial.

Disclaimer: This test is not intended to diagnose or treat burnout or its effects. Use this test as a reliable indicator, but consult your medical or mental health care professional for diagnosis and treatment. This is a self-test instrument to guide you on your journey of self-help.

Additional Resources

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