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Consider your entire organization as you rank each statement.

 1 - Strongly Disagree2 - Slightly Disagree3 - Neutral4 - Slightly Agree5 - Strongly Agree
1. People work well together.
2. Leaders are respected and trusted.
3. Morale is high.
4. Conflict is rare and easily processed.
5. Personality clashes don't exist.
6. Leaders support staff and give them what they need to do their job.
7. Information flow is complete and timely.
8. Teamwork is prevalent.
9. People readily accept each other.
10. Accountability and follow through is always present.
11. Our level of trust is high.
12. Leaders inspire and motivate the team.
13. We constantly find ways to grow, both individually and as a team.
14. We constantly find ways to be efficient.
15. Team members have a sense of "ownership" of their job.
16. "Continuous improvement" is a way of life.
17. People support each other.
18. Differences are well tolerated.
19. We never repeat mistakes.
20. Communication is consistently clear and effective.


About This Free Team Effectiveness Assessment

How effective is your team? This is a KEY determination to your overall business success – Research proves it.

The state or well-being of your people, their happiness, their skill level, and how they interact, is all directly associated with the success of your organization or your team. This “Team Effectiveness,” evidenced by a team’s morale or happiness, has been scientifically linked to profitability, productivity, and success.

How does your team measure up? This assessment will not only tell you, but it will also give you a descriptive prediction of what’s going on. Knowing will either be a “benchmark” – or a place to start for improvement.

Research findings show that happy people…

  • Out-perform the S&P 500
  • Function better in hard times
  • Are more productive
  • Make more money

Take the free team effectiveness assessment to learn more!

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