Personality Type Assessment

Different personality types are like different languages. Yet, most of us aren't aware of other people's "languages" as much as we are of our own. This causes personality clashes and difficult relationships. Take this assessment to learn what YOUR language is. Then read the attached material to understand how your personality type will interact with others.

Team Effectiveness Assessment

The state or well-being of your people, their skill level and how they interact is directly associated with the success of your organization or your team. This is called "Corporate Culture" and has been scientifically linked to profitability, productivity, and success. How does your corporate culture measure up? This assessment will not only tell you that, it will give you a descriptive prediction of what's going on. Knowing will either be a "benchmark" - or a place to start for improvement.

Burnout Assessment

The advanced, and potentially dangerous stage of stress, is called "Burnout." Not dealing with stress effectively can eventually bring you to this state. Burnout can have devastating effects on relationships, your physical and psychological health, and certainly your leadership. Take this assessment to determine your level of burnout - and what to about it. There IS hope!

Quick Stress Test

Life is filled with what are called "stressors" which can weigh on different people differently. Stress management starts with understanding how much stress you are experiencing. You may FEEL stressed, yet not experiencing many stressors. OR, you can NOT feel stressed yet have a ton of stressors piled up on you. This assessment will measure objectively how much stress you are under - no matter how you feel.

Leadership Assessment

This assessment is an interesting one. It measures your effectiveness at being a leader and manager - however, if YOU take it, the results might be skewed by your biases. One of the most useful ways to use this assessment is to take it yourself, leader, then have others take the assessment, answering the questions based on how they view you. Comparing the two results is, quite often, very interesting.

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