Sanity-Saving Tips for Working from Home

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These tips for working from home can help you be a more productive, healthy AND sane person.

1. Keep Up with Basic Needs

Be consistent with your hygiene, hydration, food, and rest. The more you change your routine, the more you FEEL the change, and may even BE changed. Additionally, not giving attention to these basic needs can have a ripple effect on your well-being, health, attitude, and stamina.

2. Take Regular Breaks

In the office, you would get up to get coffee/tea/water, have a quick conversation with someone, or walk to a meeting. At home, you might get glued to your chair, hours pass, and you haven’t moved. Set your alarm for hourly breaks (at least). See the “P.O.W.E.R. Moment” methodology in this article.

3. Avoid Rut-itis

Vary your routine. Walk during a phone conversation. If you have a laptop, move to different locations, it will give you a different and fresh perspective. Do something different – on purpose: Walk around the house and pull 3 weeds; Put picture puzzle pieces on a table and place three pieces each hour; say a prayer – anything to break your focus and get you out of your rut, even for a brief moment.

4. Be in Control of Pace and Perspective

Compartmentalize space, time and mental focus. It’s too easy to have everything – personal, relational and professional – blur together. Designating A SPECIFIC place to work (even if you choose to move it from time to time), and A SPECIFIC time to work is helpful. There will be things that come up that you will immediately need to deal with. However, making choices about your working space and time will give you a sense of control and objectivity. This avoids subtle “victim mentality” – things happening TO you, rather than you choosing to respond to needs.

5. Be Mindful of Your Team’s Needs

You may feel your team might be critical of you being home while they are in the trenches. Don’t let guilt drive you to do more than necessary (which can be a subtle subconscious way to help you feel better and that you are helping more). Don’t overload them. Be other-centered by keeping THEIR needs in mind regarding the pace, timing, and quantity of your communication and requests. As their leader, your place is to be mindful of the ENTIRE scope of your leadership responsibilities. Hold tight to the helm for the good of everyone on the ship. See another one of our articles, “Shipwreck, a Lesson in Leadership” to learn more about this concept.

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