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Skillsets are groups of tutorials pertaining to a specific topic. Each tutorial within a skillset is intended to give you deeper and broader knowledge, and a mastery in dealing with that topic. You will learn techniques, tools and methodologies you can confidently implement, and obtain immediate results.

Hiring and Onboarding

A good team starts with good team members. And good team members are found through an effective hiring and onboarding process. Learn how to do that well in this skillset.


Team members who work together well…work together well. But that doesn’t just happen. There is specific training to achieve specific dynamics that eliminates people problems and builds a high-performing, accountable team.

Fundamental Training: Business Success Model, TMS, Communication and Teamwork

This skillset is not only the place to start, it is the foundation upon which all of our other trainings rest. Understanding the concepts in these tutorials provides the “ground school” from with you will learn to fly into the vistas of success.

Core Training Fundamental Training Truby Management System
TMS Prep – Preparation Learning and Tasks

The Truby Management System consists of 8 steps, each having a power to influence, together they make for a powerful system to manage business, teams or relationships.

Core Training Truby Management System
TMS Step 1: Bonding

Built on our psychological need to belong, “Bonding” is a scientifically proven foundation for any relationship – be it with one person, a team, or a company.

Core Training Truby Management System
TMS Step 2: Agreements

Using our process on developing agreements has quickly, positively, and dramatically improved relationships and teams. This tool is simple – yet, life-changing.

Core Training Truby Management System
TMS Step 3: Structure

Everywhere you look, from our eco-system to a pack of dogs, to a neighborhood…there is always a structure. Learn how to create an effective structure that makes for better interactions and outcomes.

Core Training Truby Management System
TMS Step 4: Expectations

Lack of clarity in anything has a huge negative ripple effect – in efficiency, process, outcome…even relationships. This training helps you prevent problems with a simple tool.

Core Training Truby Management System
TMS Step 5: Value

Everyone consciously or subconsciously wants to obtain “value” from any transaction – even that if engagement with a leader. Learn how to understand what “value” is and how to deliver it.

Core Training Truby Management System
TMS Step 6: Goals

Human beings are designed to achieve. We want something to work toward and accomplish. This training shows you where that comes from and how to maximize its dynamics toward achievement.

Core Training Truby Management System
TMS Step 7: Systems

Learn how to transform your processes into more meaningful, smoother systems.

Core Training Truby Management System
TMS Step 8: Improvement

Stagnation is the first sign of decline. This training will show you how to use simple techniques to improve, grow and thus be sustainable – in relationships, teams, and entire companies.

Core Training Truby Management System
Professional Development

Sometimes we aren’t fixing problems, we just want some professional development. If you, or one of your team members, are on this path, use this skillset. It contains handpicked video trainings designed to develop and improve someone who wants to grow.

Leadership Personal Life
Leadership Attributes

A leader’s success is determined by the success of the people he or she leads. This skillset of training builds on the Truby Management System skills and helps you be the best leader you can be.

Team Development

Transforming a group of people into a high-performing team is one thing. Developing them into a continually improving team is another. This skillset helps you do that.

Team Management People