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Remember the Consequences (Achievement Nudge about Better Control)

Achieve better control over impulsive actions! When pleasure overwhelms, our subconscious drives our choices. But conscious reflection on past consequences empowers us to resist. Remembering that second helping of pie on Thanksgiving can guide smarter decisions today.)

Motivation Toward or Away (Achievement Nudge about Better Motivation)

Discover better motivation! Why do you choose to drink water? Is it to quench thirst or prevent dehydration. The answer lies in the “Toward/Away Theory.” Understanding this theory will help you achieving your goals more easily.

Seeing Things That Aren’t There (Truby Tip about Assumptions)

Uncover the parallels between snow-induced illusions and assumptions about others in this enlightening Truby Tip inspired by walking in the woods.

A New Way to Look at Optimism (Truby Tip)

Explore a fresh perspective on positivity from a psychology graduate’s commencement speech – my inspirational wife. A new way to look at optimism awaits!

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