A New Way to Look at Optimism (Truby Tip)

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Last Updated on June 10, 2024 by Bill Truby

Explore a fresh perspective on positivity from a psychology graduate’s commencement speech – my inspirational wife. A new way to look at optimism awaits!

Direct Video Transcript:

I am so proud of my wife, Joann.

She hadn’t been in school for 50 years, and she went back to school and got her degree in psychology.

Not only did she do that, she graduated with high honors and was asked to be the student commencement speaker. Way to go, Joann.

Her commencement speech was supposed to be titled “Moving Forward with Optimism”. So she did a five minute talk on that. And she gave a fantastic message that I want to share with you.

She talked about how moving forward is something that’s going to happen. We’re not going to not move forward. We’re always going to move forward.

How we move forward is up to us. We can move forward with optimism or pessimism.

It’s a choice. It’s not a feeling.

And because optimism is a choice. She changed how that word was pronounced. So all of the students could remember it.

It was fantastic. And here it is for you.

Remember, if you’re going to move forward in life, and you are, you have a choice as to how that happens, how you are as you move forward so you can move forward with optimism.

And remember, because it’s up to you, call it up-to-me-ism. I am choosing to move forward with up-to-me-ism. Everything along the way, how I respond to it, the direction I go, is up to me.

It’s always a choice.

Bill Truby

Founder and President of Truby Achievements