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Last Updated on November 20, 2023 by Bill Truby

Just a Minute Transcript

Time management is not really about managing time.

It’s about managing you within time.

Time remains pretty consistent of course, unless you talking about quantum mechanics and then it’s all crazy.

But time is time. What happens to you during time shows whether you know how to manage yourself, your tasks, your to-dos within time.

I’ve seen people use one technique after another. One system after another, and it doesn’t seem to help. Because the
problem isn’t the technique, the system, time itself. The problem is you. The person.

How am I making choices? How do I prioritize? How do I plan?

Those are the skills that are needed for time management. Planning. Prioritization criteria, etc.

I’ve seen employers make excuses for a valued employee. And that person is never on time. The employer says, “Oh they’re good people. They just don’t have any sense of time.”

If they didn’t have any sense of time, then how come they’re never early? It’s not that they don’t have any sense of time, they’re just not making good choices, so they’re always late.

So look at yourself when it comes to “time management”.

How do you make choices? Do you plan? How do you prioritize? What is your criteria for prioritizing?

Do those things, and your life should flow more easily.

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