Bananas and Beans (Achievement Nudge about Peace of Mind)

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Last Updated on April 30, 2024 by Bill Truby

Over a decade ago, I made a sandwich that my kids and grandkids still talk about. And they do so with a not-so-hidden distaste.

Achieve Peace of Mind by Choosing How You Calibrate Your Value

I have two birth sons, two sons by marriage, and four daughters-in-law. From time to time, ALL of them tell the story of an infamous sandwich I made. I’ll tell you what it was, but to be clear, I LIKED IT! You see, I always enjoy a medley of flavors…sometimes flavors that, to some, seem mismatched.

We were having a family vacation on a houseboat. It was kind of a lazy day, and I was hungry. I decided to make a sandwich. The kids were all here, but no one paid attention to me until I was halfway through making my sandwich. I seem to be able to imagine flavors together, so I let my mind create a unique combination that turned out to be good. REAL good. (At least, good for me).

First, I took two slices of soft, white bread, put butter on them, then smeared a generous portion of mayonnaise on each side. Next, I spread refried beans on one of the slices, put a slice of cheddar cheese on top of that, then placed banana slices on the other side of bread. My final touch was a splash of green hot sauce.

I didn’t realize it, but while I was making my mouth-watering lunch, my kids had silently gathered and began watching me. As I placed the two pieces of bread together and lifted the sandwich to my mouth, I saw scrunched-up noses and squinty eyes silently shouting the words, “Are you REALLY going to eat THAT?” I did. And when I did, there were audible “Ewwwws” and “Yuks” heard all around the kitchen.

I enjoyed that sandwich. After all, I wasn’t doing this for any other reason than to create something interesting for my pallet. Just because my kids (one of them being a chef) couldn’t think outside the box and enjoy a little culinary creativity didn’t mean I shouldn’t. However…

Over the years, as the story has been told over and over again, I’ve wondered, “Was I really off my rocker? Maybe I shouldn’t have enjoyed that combination of flavors.” But then something hit me. Something that prompted me to write this Nudge. I was beginning to calibrate something I was, something I enjoyed, and an experience that I had…by my kids. I was almost falling into the trap of letting my enjoyment of the beans and banana sandwich be determined by THEM! And not by ME!!

I decided to get some reinforcement data. I Googled “eating beans and bananas together” and found 22,800,000 websites speaking about it, one even talking about the HEALTH BENEFITS of eating beans and bananas together. (Eat THAT you closed-minded kids). But then I realized something else…

It didn’t matter whether I let my kids, or the 22,800,000 websites, decide whether what I liked was good or bad. Either way I would be out of control. Someone else would be judging the value of me and my experience. And, actually, I could always find SOMEONE to give credibility to what I wanted.  

Anytime we let anyone or anything outside of us determine our worth, value, positivity or negativity, we are in for a “Ping-Pong-ball-in-a-cement-room-experience.” We just react to whatever hits us next.

Instead, it’s far better to choose your “north star” – that by which you will calibrate. THAT choice is your beginning point to evaluate ANY other input. My calibration point is a God who says I’m worthy…just because I exist. I am valuable…just because I am. So, whether I like beans and bananas together doesn’t determine who I am. Who I am is already determined and from THAT flows whether or not I like beans and bananas together.

Now…if you’d like to share in my crazy culinary creations, try this one. Make a cheese quesadilla, but add thin wedges of cantaloupe randomly placed between the two tortillas. It makes for a pleasant surprise. My guests always had a moment where their eyes opened wider as they smiled and said, “Wow…THAT’S interesting…and GOOD!”

The next idea involves toothpicks, turkey bacon, pineapple or melon, soy sauce, and an oven…

Bill Truby

Founder and President of Truby Achievements