Party with a Purpose

Last Updated on March 22, 2024 by Bill Truby

Video Transcript

How would you like to party with a purpose?

We have a four-stage, a four-part, process for celebration when a team achieves something that is meaningful, that is actually improving the team as you celebrate.

The four steps whenever you find an achievement you want to celebrate, are these:

First, the party factor. That’s important. People like to have fun.

Secondly, appreciation. Show people, acknowledge people, have people acknowledge other people and appreciate what they brought to the achievement.

And then learning. What went well, what didn’t go well. Repeat your successes, but don’t repeat your mistakes. And then
transfer that knowledge to other people in the company, other people in the industry, that can benefit from your learning.

Those 4 pieces to a successful and meaningful celebration have been magical in moving the team forward,
improving the team, and giving people something to look forward to when you have meaningful celebrations.

When you party with a purpose.

Want to Learn More?

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Bill Truby

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