Tassels Give Meaningful Return on Investment (Truby Tip)

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Last Updated on June 10, 2024 by Bill Truby

Just like the tassels on a Western coat, every strategic move in business should not only promise a meaningful return on investment but also add a touch of practicality, fun, and purpose to the corporate rodeo.

Direct Video Transcript:

If you know anything about me, you know, I have a bit of a cowboy background.

The ethics, the values, the lifestyle. It’s in my soul. And I have learned over time, especially when I was young, that everything that a cowboy does is for a reason. Certainly it can be translated into something that’s fun or meaningful. But the core issue is something that is purposeful.

For example, the tassels on a Western coat.

You’ve seen them, right? Many people think they’re for decoration.

But there was an actual real practical value to having tassels on the coat. Here’s what it was. When you’re riding out into the wilds, it may rain. You’re not protected from that rain. You may put on a poncho or something like that, but if the coat gets wet, you want it to dry as quickly as possible. Those tassels help do just that.

Where does water drain? Water drains to the lowest possible place. So the water in the coat will drain into the tassels. Because there are so many tassels, the air can get to those tassels better than one big piece of cloth. Plus, the tassels are moving around so it can slip off the drips and the drops of water.

There’s a practical value, but the practical value has also become meaningful. Fun. Beautiful.

The core concept here that business owners can learn, leaders can learn, managers can learn; is this…

Everything you do should have a return on investment. When you put energy into something, you should know why you’re doing it and have a purpose to it and know what the return should be. So you know how to measure as to whether or not it’s even been successful.

But then people like to work with leaders, managers and businesses who have fun, who are doing things that are meaningful.

So have a return on your investment in everything you do. But make it fun, make it practical, make it meaningful. Think in the context of tassels on a coat.

Those are the dynamics that you want as you implement new decisions, new practices, new things that you want your employees to do.

Make them purposeful, meaningful and fun.

Bill Truby

Founder and President of Truby Achievements