(PAST EVENT) Live Zoominar (October 19): Three Rules that Change Your Staff Instantly

Please note, this is a revised date from the initial email announcement. Sorry for any confusion.

An exclusive event for Truby Achievements Members and Guests

Join Truby Achievements for an exclusive zoominar to learn three rules that change your staff instantly… But there’s a twist – these rules are for YOU, not your staff.

Date: Tuesday, October 19 at 11 am PST (NOTE THE PST TIMEZONE)
Presented By: Bill Truby, President and CEO, Truby Achievements – plus the Truby Achievements Team
Duration: 60 minutes

Part 1 – Live Training: Three Rules that Change Your Staff Instantly

What affects the mind affects the body. Thus, what we think dictates how we act – including how we treat others. And THAT truth ripples into this one: How we treat others, determines how they treat us, how they act and how they interact. This logical daisy chain has a leader’s mindset at one end of the chain, and the behavior of the staff at the other end.

This Zoominar will reveal the direct cause and effect interaction between a leader’s mindset and their team’s behavior. Then, it will show you three rules you can follow that, if you do, will dramatically change your staff – for the better.

Part 2 – Solve Today’s Problems Today

Join us for an open discussion! Share your current issue with Bill Truby and he’ll give you a resolution path instantly.

We’ll help as many attendees as time allows during our 60-minute Zoominar. If you have a question ready at the start, you will be able to request your “spot” in line via the chat window.

This event is no longer open for registration.

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Tanya Quinn

COO, Truby Achievements