Employees That Look Forward to Mondays (Truby Tip about a Sign of a High-Performing Team)

Last Updated on June 10, 2024 by Bill Truby

Creating a sense of belonging among your team members can transform your business, leading to shared success and a culture where Mondays are anticipated, and Fridays are cherished.

Direct Video Transcript:

When a leader builds a high-performing team, they find the fun of watching a team work well together. They’re efficient. They have fun. They are enjoying being together.

And one of the core things that happens when you build a high-performing team is to have a group of people who have a sense of belonging.

They want to work together. They can’t wait to work together. They love achieving together.

So, in the context of that concept, I was talking to a business owner who was wanting to build a high-performing team, and I said, wouldn’t it be interesting and meaningful to build a team that looked forward to Monday and dreaded Friday?

He goes, Can that happen?

I said, Yes, it can. Maybe not in a great emphatic way, but people could look forward to coming to work on Monday to work with a team that they have a sense of belonging to.

It’s powerful when people are a part of a high-performing team. There are so many results that happen that are win-win.

The customers are clients. When the business owner wins, the leader wins, and the team wins. It is a powerfully beautiful or a beautifully powerful way to work.

Maybe that’s a goal you can think about and work toward.

Building an environment. Building a culture. Building a high-performing team that looks forward to Monday and they kind of dread Friday.

Bill Truby

Founder and President of Truby Achievements