Customer Service and Quality Won’t Help You

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Last Updated on November 20, 2023 by Bill Truby

Video Transcript

Don’t expect customer service and quality to be what causes your business to be different or to cause customers to come to you.

It’s a given.

It’s an expectation that you’re going to have to have quality and customer service.

And yet I see it.

People sort of advertise that we have customer service.

That’s like an airline company saying we keep our planes in the air from take-off to landing. It’s a given. It’s expected.

Now obviously, you need to have good customer service. And you need to have quality.

But what makes you distinct from other businesses?

It’s how you do what you do.

It’s some value that people get from your particular company, your particular offering.

Here’s the deal…

You will not attract customers with better quality and customer service. But you’ll lose them if you don’t have customer service and quality.

Pay attention to your distinct value, embed in that value customer service and quality and then you’ve got a winning combination.

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