Client Testimonial – Dena Corritore

Last Updated on November 20, 2023 by Bill Truby

Dena Corritore, Assessment Coordinator – Washoe County Human Services Department – Child Protection Unit, Reno, Nevada

Video Transcript

We just kept watching because Bill was so good. And that was also part of what happened. It was great.

And I loved that the videos were short and sweet. And that was very important. It was very to the point, we got what we needed. It was incredible about leadership. And it could cross multiple work, multiple programs, multiple businesses – it did not matter that we were a county agency.

It was phenomenal.

I was moved over to the assessment coordinator in 2020. And I asked the agency if I could go ahead and utilize the Truby Achievement Leadership Management series*.

This management series helped my team, which was 12 supervisors within the agency that handled the most important, the most serious part, of child protection services. We were the initial investigators to go out and knock on doors cold.

And it was very important for this supervisory team to come together and to actually be leaders within the agency. Our role was so important that if we weren’t on the top of our game, if the supervisors weren’t doing what they needed to do, and management, we could, in essence, hurt families and children.

We were able to utilize weekly the management series, we would then talk about those series together in our team meetings. And it actually help a divided team to become one by the time that I did retire in January of 2021.

One thing that was very important that this series did for me, is that I was able to really understand that my leadership was about each of those supervisors. And the supervisors’ leadership was about their team.

So I didn’t have to supervise 40 people. I had to supervise 12. And it was their role and responsibility to supervise the other 40.

And when we figured that out. And when the team figured that out, then it actually helped make children safer and families safer in Washoe County.

It was a phenomenal series. And I was so proud that they actually did go ahead and move forward and use it when I retired.

*The “Truby Achievement Leadership Management series” referenced in the testimonial is now called the “Truby Business Success Model” available to our Truby Achievements members.

Tanya Quinn

COO, Truby Achievements