Power of Changing Your Mind (Achievement Nudge)

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Last Updated on June 10, 2024 by Bill Truby

Want to make money? Find (another) way to lose weight? Sell it? And people will buy YOUR method…too!

Achieve Weight Loss by Changing Your Mind

Weight loss (or gain) is a super simple formula: (calories in) + (calories burned) = (weight gain/loss). A lower number of “calories in” with a higher number of “calories burned” makes you lose weight. Simple, right? Then what makes it so hard for people to lose weight? Why are magazine racks constantly filled with headlines about the NEW way to lose weight? (Which has been happening since the 1800’s when the first magazine was published). What makes this such a persistent theme?

Because people see themselves as FAT!

It’s not the calorie formula that is the problem. It’s the mindset. I’ve worked with many people who want to lose weight. They often see themselves as fat and give the power to the “diet” to do the work. But a subtle mind shift always helps. It’s a simple one, doesn’t cost anything, and always works. Yes, “always” – because the person is simply working with natural laws. And natural laws cannot NOT work. (Ever heard of an exception to the Law of Gravity, when there was that one time it didn’t work?)

Obviously, a person who wants to lose weight has to eat differently and exercise. And, sometimes, there are eating disorders that contribute to the issue: bulimia, a sexually abused syndrome where staying overweight protects from advances, eating to get pleasure or escape…etc. No matter how these people try to lose weight, it is difficult because their dysfunction overrides the formula. But that’s exactly my point. The mind is really the key factor that kicks the calorie formula in the behind.

What PREVENTS a person from losing weight is often how they see themselves – their perspective. Dysfunctions and disorders aside, here’s what you can do to work with natural laws and reach your goal.

  1. Ask yourself, “Who am I?” If the answer is, “I’m a 180 pound person trying to get to 150 pounds,” you are perpetuating the “180 pound mindset.” Change it. “I am a 150 pound person with 30 extra pounds.” This creates a new calibration point.
  2. Ask yourself, “What would a 150 pound person do if he/she were carrying 30 extra pounds?” This tells you what to do to work the calorie formula.
  3. Don’t change your calibration point. Don’t give away your power. The diet, exercise, scales, time duration – none of it has the power to change who you are…a “150 pound person” with “30 extra pounds.” So, when you step on the scales, use the input to adjust the calories-in/calories-burned formula. The scale doesn’t reflect you who are, it simply reflects your progress.

Though this concept is based on natural laws, it is not tied to time. Think of it like this. If you have a goal to drive to a park 750 miles away, nothing can prevent you from getting there if you see the end goal and choose to be there. Construction, weather, chosen diversions – all can make the trip longer. But NOTHING can prevent you from getting there if you simply make adjustments along the way. If something hinders your progress, you do something differently. Your actions are calibrated by your choice.

Success comes from remembering this: You are NOT what you do; you do what you ARE!

Bill Truby

Founder and President of Truby Achievements