Achieve Freedom by Eliminating Chains

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Last Updated on July 5, 2024 by Bill Truby

I was jogging in a new neighborhood once when a rather mean looking dog began running toward me at full speed. His snarling, barking, aggressive attack came to an abrupt end when he got to the end of his chain. That chain was connected to a sturdy collar and jerked the dog off his feet, leaving him whimpering and helpless on the ground.

Have you ever felt that way? You start excitedly moving toward something you want, full speed ahead. You’re going toward what you want to do differently, how you want to be different. The next thing you know you’re yanked off your feet, helpless and whimpering on the ground. What causes this? It’s because of this simple truth:

Freedom TO do, or be, something different can only come when you’re free FROM what prevents you.

“Freedom TO…” only comes after “Freedom FROM…”! I’ve seen it hundreds of times. From losing weight to developing a healthy self-esteem to achieving a new goal; if a negative behavior is serving you in some positive way, you are chained to it and won’t be free to have anything different.

If your subconscious mind believes your hefty body is chained to your identity, your conscious mind won’t be free to lose weight. If your poor self-esteem is chained to strong beliefs others gave you when you were young, you won’t be free to believe positive affirmations your conscious mind tries to repeat.

If your desire to achieve is chained to a fear of success, that chain will yank you off your feet with your subconscious mind screaming, “You will NOT amount to anything!”

If there’s ever something you are trying to achieve differently – a new belief, a new behavior, a new way of being – and you can’t achieve it, don’t sit at the end of your chain whimpering and helpless. Instead, get rid of the chain that prevents the freedom. You may be able to do this yourself or you might need to find someone with chain cutters. But whatever you need to do to eliminate the chain, do it! I know you can. I’ve never seen a chain so strong that it couldn’t be broken.

When you free yourself FROM what you are chained to, you’ll be free TO achieve. At the end of your chain is the end of your possibilities, the end of life as you know it. But there’s a whole world of possibilities beyond the chain that is immediately and easily available when the chain is cut.

You will shake your head in astonishment when you find that freedom to roam the entire forest is automatic and instant when you’re not chained to that one, “blankity-blank” tree anymore!!!

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