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Commonsense Leadership Training

The most powerful people-influencing skills you can find.

No fluff. No theory. Just a COMPLETE curriculum of real-world, commonsense lessons to improve how you lead, manage teams, and grow your firm. Become the BEST you can be!

“I took your leadership class at an ASLA event over a decade ago and it was life changing. I reference the concepts all the time. Thank you for all you do.”
~ Susannah C. Drake, FAIA, FASLA

Lead with influence

Build high-performing teams

Run a profitable business

Become a Certified Master Leader

Struggling to grow your leadership? Or your business?

You’re in the right place.


Time-Consuming People Problems:

You spend much of your day dealing with “petty people problems”

Lack of Accountability:

Waste time on oversight because employees don’t follow through.

Unclear or Ineffective Org Chart:

People don’t “own” their roles, so you have to tell them what to do

Retention Issues:

Costly turnover; losing staff faster than you can hire – “Costly” means 2 to 5 times employee salary, and 213% for C-Suite.

Incomplete or Inefficient Systems:

Spend time creating ad hoc fixes instead of sustainable efficiency systems

Lack of Momentum:

No improvement because you keep experiencing the same problems over and over

You’re NOT alone with these very common problems that often cause principals and leaders to burn out or fail.

And most of these struggles are caused by one simple problem…

You were never given PRACTICAL TRAINING to handle these real-world challenges!

Our Truby Achievements Leadership Training Is Your Solution.

For over 40 years, Bill Truby, M.A. MFT, CML, has helped principal owners and leaders just like you. His unique commonsense leadership and business training has helped thousands of companies completely transform their practice.

That’s why this training is so spot-on in content and application. It’s coming from someone who’s done it. “There’s no fluff in the stuff!” It’s like a pilot with 40 years of experience teaching you how to fly the plane – a lot of practical, real-world experience embedded in the training!

Here are just a few success stories of success from various industries:


Print shop owner so distressed he wanted to sell… after Truby, he tripled sales, doubled profits, and didn’t want to sell.


An engineering firm’s turnover went down from 42% to 2% in just three months (and stayed there).


A hardware store doubled its profits in just one month (and stayed there).


Large environmental firm documented $1.5 million in benefits after one year, with $1M recurring annually.


A 266-bed hospital reduced turnover to half of the national average within 18 months.


A 55-million-dollar remediation project finished under budget, under schedule, and with zero litigation.


A hospitality client’s sales increased 30% and profit increased 10% in just one year.


An engineering firm’s write-offs dropped from $70k/year to less than $6k/year.


An environmental firm’s EBIT increased from $1.16 M to $1.70 M in one year.


For most businesses, oversight of employees drops from 85-95% of of leadership’s time to less than 5% of their time, giving them more time to work on their practice.

Our training is not industry-specific; it is leadership-specific. Anyone who leads people and processes will be able to implement the teachings, tools and techniques found in the successful and unique Truby Management System (TMS).

How Does It Work?

Our commonsense leadership curriculum is a full-spectrum training system. It is delivered through an online membership providing 24-7 access to seven unique courses containing over 100 bite-sized tutorials. All training has real-world application and has been proven for over four-decades.

You’ll become a confident leader equipped with concrete practice management skills to efficiently and profitably run your firm and lead your team.

The flow of training looks like this:


Transform managers into effective leaders and people into high-performing teams.


Build an organized infrastructure that is accountable and has clear expectations.


Conform your product or service into an irresistible value and create a motivational strategic plan.


Develop efficiency and continuous improvement processes that maximize productivity and profitability.

How Can This Help YOU or Your Firm?

Listen to the words of a fellow ASLA Member…

“We were able to work with Truby Achievements over the period of a year, experiencing their Commonsense Leadership Training.  The results have been astounding.

A new teamwork attitude in the office developed, resulting in greater accountability. There was clarity in goals set by the office, and as a result, goals were achieved. The office is now structured in a highly efficient and profitable manner. Most notably, there was a new clarity in my own purpose for running a business, something that I really never fully evaluated. Finally, we have fun. Work is an enjoyable, rewarding experience for the vast majority of us.

As an added “bonus” over the past 6 years, our office gross billings have increased 230% while the office has grown by only 2 people. While total payroll has increased by over 200%, profits have increased by 200% as well. A focused vision has allowed us to maintain our workload, improve the quality of our work and retain employees despite any downturn in the economy.

I highly recommend anyone who feels that they are running a successful business to “invest” in Truby Achievements. They will soon learn that there is still room for even greater success.”

– Steven T. Kikuchi
President and Senior Principal, Kikuchi + Kankel Design Group

If given a dose of truth serum, most people in leadership positions would reveal this uncomfortable secret…

What Makes Our Training So Successful?

It was designed for very busy individuals to be…

Instantly Actionable

Learn a new skill today, implement it today, see results immediately.

Sticky and Sustainable

Years after completion, our students REMEMBER and rave about teachings that still impact their daily leadership lives.

Highly Relevant

Every individual teaching is practical and addresses your real-world issues. It’s based on commonsense and works!

Self-Paced, 24-7 Access

Complete the training within 12 months or, if you’re ambitious, 12 days. It’s up to you!


Every tutorial is short and easy to follow, with most trainings less than 15 minutes. Perfect for time-starved modern brains.

Chock Full of Tools

You’ll love how many downloads, assessments, and practical tools we’ve curated for you.

“Know How to Run Your Business Better”

“I never went to business school and was always flying by the seat of my pants. I’ve been relatively successful but never confident in my role. After putting the TMS (Truby Management System) into place, my business is much more profitable, easier to run, and growing. But the most important thing for me is, I am now more confident. I know how to be a leader. And I know how to run my business!”

– Jeff, Hardware/Building Supply Owner

Take the first step in achieving your firm’s goals.

Business Leadership Training

High-quality training videos. Powerful exercises. Support tools. And More.

Simple membership pricing. Accessible online 24/7 to learn at your own schedule and pace. Satisfaction guaranteed. Cancel anytime.

What’s Included?

Custom-formulated learning path to guide your business transformation including:

Seven detailed courses, containing over 100 lessons, covering:

  • Hidden Power of Leadership
  • Masterful Communication
  • Secrets of the Leadership Mind
  • Essentials Leadership Skills
  • Team Leadership
  • Business/Project Management Success
  • Profit Making

Easy to follow checklist to track your learning path.

Certification to add to your title upon satisfactory completion of all courses: CML – Certified Master Leader.

Plus additional support tools and options to guarantee your success:

Bonus course, Teamwork NOW, that provides a quick immediate solution for troubled teams. If your team or business is in trouble, implement this first then complete 7-course curriculum.

Team leader options to track the training progress of employees or other leaders in your business.

Monthly interactive office hours to ask questions, clarify content, or seek implementation advice.

Bonus books, guides, and assessments to support your leadership journey.

Exclusive private offers to work with Bill Truby directly to fix immediate needs.

This Training is Certainly Right for Individuals… But Is It Right For Your Firm?

YES… As long as you are willing to put in the work to watch the videos, adjust your mindset, and make small but impactful changes to your business. It doesn’t take a LOT of time, but it does take commitment.

NO… if you are looking for a quick fix and unwilling to dedicate time. Or if you are looking for someone else to step in and change things for you.

How Do We Know?

We have decades of proven success training at least 19,500 business owners and leaders across 55 different industry types including…

What Makes Our Approach Different?

It’s in the secret of the “how”.

Our leadership trainings don’t ask you to do a bunch of new and different things – instead, they show you how to simply do what you already do – DIFFERENTLY, and thereby get amazing results.

Why is this important? Because WHAT a leader or business does is not as important as HOW it’s done.

There can be multiple businesses in the same city that all do the same thing. And plenty of different leaders in the same firm. They all lead people and processes to deliver valuable outcomes for clents. But some are more successful than others.

Why is that? We have consistently found the reason to be simpler than you may think.

It’s HOW individuals lead people and process, not WHAT is done. That’s the “cure for the cause” – not just the symptom.

And that’s why our leadership and management training works across all industries – it focuses on a leader leading people and process. Our Truby Management System, embedded in the leadership curriculum, is a “plug and play” solution to all businesses who use people and process to deliver their product or service.

Proven Customer Success

Let’s chat for a moment about what makes our process work – every time!

A national environmental firm conducted an audit of the Truby training after one year. This is a summary paragraph from a senior project manager: “The users of Truby’s leadership training system have documented over $1.5 million in benefits in one year (with $1.0 million recurring on an annual basis) from their services, including over $300,000 due to employee retention, $800,000 in increased EBIT, and the remainder coming from AR reduction and efficiency.  Other intangibles include client satisfaction, employee morale, organizational flexibility, downside management, and marketing. The process helps to foster long-term retention of employees, efficient systems, flexibility, and the ability to consistently grow.”

Here is an example of the ROI from Truby’s training in one of my facilities I was CEO in – a 266-bed hospital, Mercy Redding: Reduced Turnover from about national average, to about half of industry average within 18 months. Also increased employee satisfaction by 40%. Over 5 years my hospital went from a negative financial performance of losing money, to generating 30% of the health system’s bottom line comprised of 48 hospitals.

Rick Barnett

Ready to Start Learning?

Get instant access to all seven courses in the leadership curriculum by becoming a Truby Achievements Member.  Take as long as you need to complete the content.

$79 per month (normal rate)

$49 per month (discounted ASLA rate)

Use “aslatruby” coupon code at checkout.

* No contract required. Cancel anytime.
30-day money-back guarantee.
Must register for an account to purchase training.

Not Sure Yet? Learn More!

Watch our FREE leadership training to learn the importance of being a leader and the secret sauce behind our powerful leadership curriculum.

No need to wait – it’s available to watch immediately upon sign-up.

Interested in Training for Teams or Larger Businesses?

For more than one person, we offer discounted pricing, many additional features, AND custom branded training sites for larger groups.

Still Hesitant? Don’t Be.

We have so much confidence in our Business Leadership Training that we guarantee your 100% satisfaction. If within 30 days you don’t believe this is the best training you’ve ever experienced as a business leader, we encourage you to contact us so we can promptly refund your tuition, no questions asked.

View Our Curriculum

(8-minute curriculum overview video)

What Else Do You Need To Know?

How are you offering so much content for only $49/month?

Our mission is to get this Certified Commonsense Leadership Curriculum into the hands of every leader in America, so we’ve destroyed the obstacle of high prices. And that’s why we normally sell this training for $79.00/month. But the good news is, ASLA has partnered with Truby Achievements to be able to offer this training to ASLA members for only $49.00/month. 

And that’s not an introductory fee. Take as long as you want to get your Certified Master Leader credential. The price will never go up. 

FYI: For 40 years, Bill’s normal consulting fees have been $5,000/day. By leveraging the economy of scale, and the convenience of online delivery, we can offer the Truby Leadership Training at less than $3/day.

How much time will this take me?

Our Truby Leadership Training teaches you everything you need to know to transform your business and become an excellent leader and manager at the same time. We will help you quickly transform your people into a high-performing team and eliminate all of your people problems. Then we move into organizing, mobilizing and optimizing your business. Throughout this process your ability to lead an ACCOUNTABLE team, operate with ease, grow your business, dramatically increase your productivity, and maximize your profit…all increase daily.

If you implement what you learn, it takes a 1 to 3 weeks to transform your team, about a month to organize your team and business, 2 to 4 months to mobilize your business with a strategic plan for growth, and 2 to 4 months to optimize it with efficiency systems and continuous improvement processes. (Click here to access a time calculator).

Though you will begin receiving benefits immediately, for a small to medium sized business it takes approximately 10 to 12 months to fully transform your business to become a growing, sustainable, smooth-flowing and profitable organization. After that, it’s about continuous improvement – which we are here to help with.

How easy is the training to implement?

When you watch a tutorial, you’re going to learn how to look at the topic from a new perspective. We’ll show you how to implement the leaning based on that new perspective. And what you’re going to find is that you are not doing a bunch of new and different things, you’re simply doing what you already do differently – but with amazingly new results. 4 decades of proof give us the confidence to say, it WILL work for you too!

A member said, “I wanted to learn how to delegate. I watched the 10-minute training tutorial and I instantly knew what to do. I was able to implement it immediately and it worked!” – Jason

 Our process works from the inside out. It’s not a program that you overlay onto your business. It’s a new way to think, which automatically causes you to do things differently. We call it a mind shift. And that kind of change happens instantly, and is sustainable. You continue to “do” differently because you “think” differently.

What powers the Leadership Curriculum?

The concept of “people first” in training and operations fuels our training success. But the hardcore tool that powers the curriculum is The Truby Management System (TMS), the core of Truby’s Leadership Training is what makes a business flourish. But what powers it? Leadership. A leader with a certain mindset and specific skillsets creates the astounding results and sustainable success. To be that kind of confident leader who can handle anything that you encounter, here are some of the skillsets you need…

  • Operational and business excellence
  • Empowering high-performing teamwork
  • Personal mastery confidence
  • Communication and interaction effectiveness
  • accountability calibration set points
  • Strategic growth initiatives
  • Low performance elimination

Incidentally, your Truby Achievement’s Membership will teach you these skillsets, and much much more!

What happens after I become a Certified Master Leader?

You will receive a private invitation to continue your membership at a dramatically discounted rate. With that “alumni membership” you can keep accessing the training content. You’ll be able to review what you’ve already learned using it as a refresher or library. You’ll also be able to access any new materials developed, and interact with the Truby Community. Additionally, with your CML credential, you’ll receive an invitation to step into higher learning for yourself or your business through an Inner Circle program.]

What is included in each Leadership Course?

There are over 100 lessons within the 7 core Leadership Courses. If you want to see our complete content, join us as a member for $79 per month. If you don’t immediately find value in the content, we have a 30-day money back guarantee.

Meet Bill & Joann Truby

Co-founders of Truby Achievements, Inc.

Truby Achievements, Inc. is the culmination of Bill Truby’s life work. Over 40 years of learning has brought this company to a seasoned maturity in how it brings success to leaders. Joann Truby’s contribution began over 20 years ago and propelled the company into greater insights and abilities. Together, these co-founders lead a team of people who find immense pleasure in helping others be successful – in personal life, relationships, and business.

Bill brings the background of common-sense learning (being raised on a cattle ranch) a B.A. in Theology, M.A. in Psychology, been a practicing MFT (Marriage and Family Therapist) and nearly 30 years of real-world-experience business practice to the table. Joann brings a lifetime of being an athlete, having been a multi-year, national champion in artistic roller skating, then holding many roles in the fitness industry, including management, personal training, program development, and an instructor.

These multiple perspectives and backgrounds synergize to bring an amazingly simple, yet powerful tool that has been proven over and over to give stellar success. In short. We’ve done it. Multiple times. In real word situations. And our passion is to share these success principles with you.

If you always do what you’ve always done…you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten!

If you’re still here, reading and thinking – maybe with your finger poised hesitantly over that big orange button – there’s obviously something about this course that has your attention. You might be feeling cautiously hopeful and ready to take a chance or flat out terrified that this might be something else that you’ve tried, then failed at.  You aren’t alone.

We’ve all hesitated over that buy button before – and usually the greater the potential for reward on the other side of the button, the more paralysis we experience. BUT THIS BUTTON COMES WITH NO RISK!!

Access to our full curriculum comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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