Value through Contribution

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Last Updated on November 20, 2023 by Bill Truby

When we ask people what kind of mail they like to receive, and what kind they don’t, the answers are consistent and predictable. People want to receive checks, letters, cards from loved ones, or magazines of interest.  They don’t want to receive bills, junk mail or bulk advertising.

To say it differently, people want to receive mail that contributes to them in some way, mail that makes them happier, letters or cards that make them feel loved. They like pieces of mail that give them information relevant to their hobby or sport.

They like to receive that which gives.

People DON’T want to receive mail that takes away from them in any way. Sorting through junk mail takes time, and adds to the trash burden. People don’t like that. And they don’t like bills that take away hard earned cash.

People don’t like to receive that which takes away.

This is the core concept you experience every time you pick up your mail: That which contributes to you is valuable. That which takes away is not!

Now…this is absolutely true of you and your relationship with others, too.

Whether you are a father, mother, leader, manager, friend or neighbor – when the other person looks at you, they feel the same way about you as the items in their mailbox.

If you contribute to their life in some way, you are valuable and wanted. If you take away from their energy, well-being, happiness or time, you are not valuable, and are not wanted (no matter how much their fake smile says otherwise).

If you want to be valuable to others in your life, contribute to them in some way.

Ask, “HOW can I contribute to – my wife, husband, neighbor, children, employees or boss?” And the answer is super simple; just be other-centered in your perspective and it will be obvious.

Ask, “What does (my employee, boss, friend, mother….) need to be happy, or better in some way?” Answer that question, then act on the answer, and your value will soar higher than the value of gold in a down market.

Contribution brings value. Value has influence. Influence is power. What a wonderful way to live – using your personal power to positively influence another human by contributing to their well-being.

Want an easy way to remember this concept?

Every time you go to the mailbox, know you are looking in a magic box that predicts your value. How you feel about the mail that has just come into your life is exactly how others feel about you when you come into theirs.

The only difference, in real life they can’t write, “Return to sender!”

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