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TMS Step 8: Continuous Improvement

There are many illustrations of businesses who rested on previous success, only to find themselves being passed up by other companies who were growing, getting better, even building on the success of the, now stagnant, industry giants. Underneath this dynamic is the simple truth – you’re either getting better or worse, you never are at a plateau.

It’s true in all aspects of business. Why? Because at the core of business there are relationships – Leader to team, company to customer, etc. And, no relationship stagnates. It either gets better, or worse. It’s either constantly improving or backsliding. There’s never a “plateau” in people’s interaction, or in the success of a business.

This tutorial speaks to this point and shows you how to do it. You will learn that “continuous improvement” is not a “program” – it is a way of life.

This training is associated with the eighth step in the Truby Management System. The component that makes the other 7 steps sustainable.


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