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TMS Step 2: Team Agreements

Get two people together – indeed, get two million people together, and they won’t be able to function without agreements. The laws of the land, the rules of engagement, even the traditions of how people should interact in a certain culture, all are agreements that drive behavior and stabilize the group of people.

Take that dynamic to a group of people working as a team and the concept is amplified. There are a specific set of agreements, or rules, one must follow to be a part of the team. It’s true of a gang, a church, a club, or a group of surgeons.

Over the years, we have developed ten agreements that have been instrumental in preventing problems, even dealing with problem people, in terms of interaction, behavior, and attitude. The “soft” seemingly difficult-to-measure aspects of teamwork that are still critical for success. It’s easier to measure and document a person’s production output on a printing press, but harder to measure and corral a person’s passive-aggressive behavior.

This tutorial will teach you about the power of agreements, the ten agreements proven to be successful in aligning a team, and how to implement them in your team and business.

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