Quickly fix the #1 thing holding your business back… PEOPLE PROBLEMS

Team Transformation Toolkit

The Ultimate Solution to Power Up Your Business in 14 Days

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Struggling  with a small to medium sized business? You’re in the right place.



Running your business drains all of your time and energy.

Seems you can’t get ahead. There’s always another fire to put out…another problem to solve. There’s never enough time. Never enough money. You take work home to try and keep up. But stress and worry follow you home, too, racking up countless sleepless nights.


Constantly dealing with people problems.

Low performers, complainers, personality clashes…you didn’t sign up for this! You can’t live without your employees, yet it’s hard to live with them, too. When you stop to think about it, you can’t believe how much time is taken up with people problems!


Can't get people to step up, be efficient, and follow through.

Employees seem to think you are there to take care of them. No one takes “ownership” of their role or the outcomes needed to be successful. It takes constant prodding to get people to do their job without mistakes, and to get it done on time. 

You’ve read books. Purchased courses. Attended seminars. But they haven’t been sustainable solutions. And their ideas just didn’t seem to be enough…The reason? 

They were probably focused on curing the symptoms instead of the cause!


What if I said you can fix your team problems, achieve 100% accountability, raise morale, increase initiative, AND save you time and money in 14 days without learning a bunch of new and different things?

I’ll explain exactly how this works in just a minute..

But first, allow me to introduce myself…

My name is Bill Truby.  For over four decades as the President and CEO of Truby Achievements, Inc. I’ve developed and shared common-sense tools and methodologies for small and medium size businesses that are easily implemented…and they don’t consume a ton of your time. As a result, along with my my wife and business partner, Joann, We’ve helped transform countless businesses just like yours. And it always starts with the people!

How? Our trainings don’t ask you to do a bunch of new and different things – instead, they show you how to simply do what you already do – DIFFERENTLY, and thereby get amazing results. Why is this important? 

Because WHAT a business does is not as important as HOW it does business.

There can be multiple businesses in the same city who all do the same thing. All of them lead people and process to deliver a product or service to customers or clients. But some are more successful than others. Why is that?

We have consistently found the reason to be simpler than you may think. It’s HOW people and process management is conducted, not WHAT is done. That’s the “cure for the cause” – not just the symptom.

photo of Bill and Joann Truby in blue shirts standing in front of a door (larger view) - Truby Achievements a leading source for leadership and management training

Bill and Joann Truby
Co-Founders of Truby Achievements, Inc.

Imagine How It Would Feel To Have…

More peace of mind knowing you don’t have to constantly watch every team member…

More time to work ON your business, instead of IN your business…

More confidence when you assign tasks to your team…

More freedom to focus on contributing from your natural skillsets…

More confidence when you assign tasks to your team…

More freedom to focus on contributing from your natural skillsets…

~ And More! ~

We’ve seen it time and time again with our clients…


Take the first step in solving your people problems with our PROVEN

Team Transformation Toolkit

The Ultimate Solution to Power Up Your Business in 14 Days By Developing a High-Performing Team

What’s Included?

7 Powerful Training Modules

High-quality training videos. Implementation guides. Powerful exercises. All in 7 different training modules that teach you how to transform your team and eliminate people problems. More on each module below.

Plus Support to Assist Your Efforts

14-Day Clearly Explained Schedule Plan

A detailed, daily implementation plan outlining exactly what to do. We’ll also send you daily emails with recommendations and reminders. To maximize your success, we’ll guide you on how to watch the training videos and implement the solution in 14 days.

Private Facebook Group

Support from the Truby Achievements team, and encouragement from like-minded business owners, to assist your transformation. This exclusive group will be a valuable resource to ask questions and get specific guidance for your individual situation. 

The 7 Training Modules

Module 1. Truby Management System (TMS) Revealed

If you are not in the right mindset, you cannot be successful. This module manages how you think which will directly affect what you do – including the success of implementing the Team Transformation Toolkit.

In this module you will get an introduction to our foundational 8-step business system that creates a high-performing team AND creates a profitable and sustainable business.

In the module, you’ll learn:

  • Our “default mindset” and how it negatively affects leadership and the success of your team and business.
  • The “leadership mindset” critical to implementing the Truby Management System.
  • The right steps in the TMS that are the infrastructure for a high-performing team and create an ease of operations that brings abundant success.
  • The hidden power in the leadership role that can bring unintended negative effect – or, if used properly, quick and measurable success.

Module 2. Personality Types and Communication

This is the life skill needed for success with ANY interaction – including the implementation of this toolkit. Your ability (or inability) to interact with others, including those who have “difficult” personalities, will directly affect your success. The training in this module will make you more confident in those interactions, AND successful in your implementation. Why is this? 

Because, at the heart of every interaction is communication. The quality of that communication dictates the quality of the relationship – be it in your personal life, or your professional life. Communication is the absolute core skill and tool for success – or lack thereof. Leaders and lovers need to understand how to engage with another person to have a meaningful interaction and successful outcomes.

In the module, you’ll learn:

  • The inherent difficulties in the communication process.
  • How personality types play a huge part in communication
  • A simple tool to ensure healthier communication – and therefore relationships – in all walks of life.

Module 3. TMS Introduction

The previous two modules were foundational, basic trainings on what is to come. Sort of like ground school for a pilot. But now you begin to learn how to fly…

In this module you’ll learn what to expect in your leadership effectiveness and skills as you implement the Team Transformation Toolkit. You’ll learn how it will affect your professional AND personal life.

In the module, you’ll learn:

  • The three critical principles for a “Leadership Mindset”.
  • How to leverage the “steps” into “elements of diagnosis and improvement” as you begin to see the results of implementation.
  • The important distinction of differences in Leading with Influence, Leading a Team, and Leading a Company.

Module 4. TMS Tips and Cautions

What could go wrong? Well – we know, and that’s why we created this tutorial. We’ve been down the road already, many times. We’ve seen it all and will help prepare you for what could happen. 

In the module, you’ll learn some valuable tips and cautions in implementing the Team Transformation Toolkit, AND valuable lessons regarding implementing the Truby Management System (TMS) which will help your process go smoothly.

Module 5. How to Defrag and Reboot

Often, team leaders find they have been battling the same issues, the same behaviors, and the same problems for a long time. If that is the case, just like a phone or a computer, it’s time to “defrag and reboot.”

In fact, this step is useful even if you have a fairly successful team and just want to begin to improve. 

In the module, you’ll learn how to conduct a “defrag and reboot” meeting which puts a stop to unwanted behaviors and processes. It gives a fresh start. And it is very freeing of the past’s inertial negativity. It is also a great transformational moment to reenergize your team for improvement. You’ll be so pleased about this step because the results happen instantly.

Module 6. TMS Step 1: Bonding

Bonding is the basis for all sustainable, meaningful, and effective relationships. Research has proven; ALL successful relationships, high-performing teams, and sustainable companies have a sense of “bonding” at the core of the culture. The implementation of this step dramatically improves the sense of belonging for your team, thus improving retention AND quality of work life.

In his module you’ll learn:

  • Basics of how to create a sense of bonding.
  • Why it won’t work if you exhibit certain characteristics. 
  • How to lead people you influence without having authority.
  • How to use the concepts on bonding to build a better team.
  • How to use the concept of bonding to lead a company.

Module 7. TMS Step 2: Agreements

One of the simplest tools in our Truby Management System, included in this Team Transformation Toolkit, is the concept of creating agreements. The dynamics of this process improve initiative, a sense of ownership in another person, and greater motivation – not to mention increased morale.

But the best part of this step is how it fixes (and prevents) people problems. Working in conjunction with the previous modules, this step works like magic to take care of any interaction or performance issues. It helps to improve communication and diminish difficulties. It can truly create a high-performing, accountable team – quickly!

In his module you’ll learn:

  • How to implement 10 agreements that quickly fix any team interaction and performance problems.
  • Why the Contact of Expectations (COE) is our “King of Agreements” and how it is one of the most powerful methodologies you can embed in your relationships, including personal and team.
  • How to use agreements with those you influence.
  • How agreements create a high-performing team.
  • How to use agreements in your company culture.


Electronic Book: No Two People See The Same Rainbow

When you go to work, you don’t leave “you” at home. Your function, or dysfunction are directly overlaid onto your leadership and interactions at work. You can’t be insecure and anxious at home and completely turn that off when you enter the front door of your business. 

Therefore, before you can truly be a great leader, you need to honestly understand “what makes you tick” and what to do about unwanted attitudes and behaviors.

No Two People the Same Rainbow is based on Bill and Joann Truby’s highly successful, 3-day Personal Growth Intensive workshop.

Some of the powerful insights in No Two People See the Same Rainbow:

  • How to have a confident, healthy self-esteem.
  • A model of the basic principles that govern and explain how you live life.
  • The seven areas necessary for having a balanced life.
  • How to be completely free from the old “baggage” you have been carrying.
  • How to change the unwanted aspects of your life – for good!

Here’s what people are saying about the process you will learn in this book and how it changed their lives for the better. Forever.

Take the top 100 self-help books in the country. Read all 100 with 100% comprehension and implementation and what you will get will pale in comparison with what you will receive at a Personal Growth Intensive.” Dan Bullock, Orthopedic Surgeon

Don’t Waste Another Day On People Problems

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Module 6 – TMS Step One: Bonding (Valued at $150.00)

Module 7 – TMS Step Two: Agreements (Valued at $150.00)

14-Day Implementation Guide and Emails (Valued at $150.00)

Facebook Private Group for Support (Valued at $100.00)

Bonus – No Two People See The Same Rainbow (Valued at $29.95)

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Our Clients Are Saying

As an executive leader with over 20 years’ experience in healthcare, I have been exposed to a variety of leadership and management systems, Truby Achievements is by far the most practical approach.  

The extensive library of short videos is loaded with real world leadership scenarios which are easily accessible on my mobile device, anytime, anywhere.

I have been involved is some leadership situations over the last few months which I have been able to handle more effectively than ever. A sincere thank you to the Truby!

Put simply….invest the time, it works!

Jeffrey Brown, Chief Information Officer, Satellite Healthcare, San Jose, CA

I truly found immense value in the content online especially the tutorials. Bill has an amazing way of telling stories that make the lesson really reach down inside my mind. I enjoyed every bit of wisdom and  I found it most useful to recalibrate my expectations for myself and bring to the front of my mind the reasons I had signed up to start with. I truly appreciated the platform which made it very easy to track my progress and pick up where I left off each time I would log in. 

David Lanchart, Leader/Manager, Air France

Your contribution to my personal growth was tremendous. Your practical teaching did not only help me in my journey – they influenced my whole team into becoming more integrated, harmonized, and efficient. I have your material on my top drawer for easy access as my number one guide, and your pillars lists are laminated and attached to the board above my desk.

Wael Hussein, M.D. Research Nephrologist, Researcher, Programmer

We promise this works…

And it’s backed by our Truby Achievements Guarantee.

The Team Transformation Toolkit is the easiest to implement, most effective solution to build a high-performing team in days… not months… without a huge investment of time.

You can have absolute confidence that you’ll succeed, and my team will be available to help you make it so. You’ll have access to us in the free private Facebook community to ask questions and get support.

You’re either delighted with your purchase, or let me know within 7 days and we’ll gladly issue a full refund… no questions asked.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Team Transformation Toolkit

What kind of business is the Team Transformation Toolkit for?

Our Team Transformation Toolkit has been specifically tailored to small and medium sized businesses. The principles work for larger companies (indeed, we have used the same approach for fortune 500 companies) however there are a lot of logistical issues that come with a large, complex organization. This toolkit works especially well for companies that range in the 300k to 25m income range. But the more focused answer is this: If you have a team, company or division with employees and are willing to follow the outlined process, this toolkit will work for you!

How is this related to your Truby Achievements membership?

Truby Achievements membership is a deeper dive into training a business owner, leader or manager. There are over 100 video trainings at this time in the areas of leadership/management development, business development, managing efficiency, and a lot more on team development such as conducting effective meetings, delegation, dealing with low performers, and conflict management. The Team Transformation Toolkit bundles many of the trainings one would use at the beginning of our processes and training and helps you deal with the first, most effective element of your business – eliminating people problems. 

Is the content available immediately?

Yes, you’ll have access to all 7 modules and the bonus content immediately upon purchase. 

How long is the content available?

Upon purchase, you’ll have access to the modules for 1 year.

If you always do what you’ve always done…you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten!

If you’re still here, reading and thinking – maybe with your finger or your mouse poised hesitantly over that big orange button (or even the back button) – there’s obviously something about this offer that has your attention. You might be feeling cautiously hopeful and ready to take a chance or flat out terrified that this might be something else that you’ve tried and then failed at.  You aren’t alone. We’ve all hesitated over that buy button before – and usually the greater the potential for reward on the other side of the button, the more paralysis we experience.

I’ve dealt with clients before who were fearful, and was inspired by one of these business owners when he said to his partners, his managers and me…. “If not now, when?” He was the owner of an approximately 25 million dollar fabrication company with about 250 employees. He spoke of the cost of staying in the state they were in – stuck in doing what they had always done. And persistently getting what they had always gotten. He said, “It’s time for a change…now!”

And I want to remind you of something I said earlier – the “change” is not in WHAT you are doing. It is in HOW you do what you do. EVERYTHING in our training is about shifting how you do what you do. In that sense, it doesn’t take more time, it simply takes enough time to learn to stop pushing on a door that says, “pull!”