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TMS Introduction

A quick view to introduce and set the stage for you to implement the Truby Management System. You'll also learn the importance of having a Leadership Mindset to ensure success.

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TMS Implementation - Tips and Cautions

Learn from experience - 40 years of experience. This tutorial will share with you some tips and cautions about implementing the Truby Management System.

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How to Defrag and Reboot

Sometimes you have to put a stop to on-going negative behavior or practices. How do you do that meaningfully with sustainable results? You use the tool of a Defrag and Reboot meeting, explained clearly in this tutorial.

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TMS Step 1: Team Profile and Bonding

It's been proven scientifically, that every high-performing team needs to have the foundation of a "Team Bond." This tutorial will show you how to create team bonding, plus how to maximize a team’s strengths while managing its weaknesses.

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TMS Step 2: Team Agreements

All relationships, all high-performing teams, all groups of people have agreements. They couldn't function otherwise. These ten agreements address ANY eventuality that could come up in a team’s interaction – including attitude, accountability, and performance.

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TMS Step 3: The Team's Organizational Structure

The importance of clarity and precision in a team’s structure - the org chart. This tool creates a sense of “ownership,” responsibility and clear accountability trails.

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TMS Step 4: Role/Responsibility Expectations

This tutorial teaches you how to clarify outcomes and expectations for every member on your team by using “Role/Responsibility Sheets." It's an important component of an accountability system.

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TMS Step 5: Delivering the Team's "Value"

Discovering the magic of aligning around a “value” your customer wants. When you understand your "value deliverable" it grows your business and gives purpose to your team.

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TMS Step 6: Setting Goals

Without a goal, the leader isn’t leading, and the team isn’t a team – it’s just a group of individuals doing their job.

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TMS Step 7: Efficiency Systems

Efficiency Systems save time, energy and money, while decreasing stress, increasing morale, and creating smooth operations. This tutorial shows you the categories of your business where you need systems, and how to create them.

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TMS Step 8: Continuous Improvement

Why continuous improvement is not only helpful, it is necessary. It leverages success and makes your business sustainable. You'll also learn how to have meaningful celebrations that create a continually improving team.

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