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Resources are supplemental documents that support Truby Achievements learnings. They can be as standalone documents or in association with tutorials or skillsets.

Implementation Guide
Truby Business Success Model Implementation Guide

This guide will explain how to implement the Truby Business Success Model and LEAD your PEOPLE and PROCESS into abundant success. It is written with step-by-step implementation instructions for each step including a recommended schedule, checklists, links to the membership site and more.

Implementation Guide Tool
Implementation Estimate Tool

Use this Microsoft Excel tool to estimate the time and schedule for implementation of the Truby Business Success Model. Just enter two variables, it will reveal a time frame to implement each segment, plus estimated completion dates.

Electronic Book
Instruction Guide: Rise Above Worry and Fear (eBook)

Instruction guide that explains clearly and calmly the 8 unseen, psychological forces that are affect you during periods of change. It exposes the unusual behavior that results. And, most importantly, it gives you a solution – a 3-step tool to manage all of this. (Not normally available to free members - available now as a way for us to help during these unusual, and stressful, times).

Personality Type Assessment

Assessment to learn your personality type (same as the public version of the Personality Type Assessment but with internal tracking for Members)

Team Effectiveness Assessment

Team Effectiveness Assessment (same as the public version of the Team Effectiveness Assessment but with internal tracking for Members)

5 Ways to Increase Your Cash Flow, Profit, & Growth

This eBook eliminates a business owner’s biggest worry – not having enough money to operate the business. Learn simple, practical SPECIFIC action items that will give you healthy financials quickly.

Recorded Webinar
Truby Achievements Zoominar Recording – Three Rules That Change Your Staff Instantly

Recording of the Zoominar in October 2021 (open to members and guests) to learn three rules that change your staff instantly… But there’s a twist – these rules are for YOU, not your staff.

Recorded Webinar
Truby Achievements Zoominar Recording – Advanced Listening Skills

Recording of the Zoominar in September 2021 (open to members and guests) to learn about advanced listening skills – how to listen to what’s not being said.

Conflict Management – 4 Step System

Summary of the 4-step system to deal with conflict (from the "Conflict Management" tutorial).

Recorded Webinar
Truby Achievements Zoominar Recording – The Hidden Power of Common Leadership Words

Recording of the Zoominar in March 2021 (open to members and guests) to learn about how certain words and phrases HELP our leadership role… or get us in trouble.

Stop Negative Thoughts By Mental Martial Arts

Are you constantly battling unwanted thoughts or behavior? Check out a technique to stop negative thoughts that is borrowed from the Aikido.

How to Improve Motivation by Understanding Your Subconscious

When you go to the sink to get a drink of water, are you going to quench your thirst, or to prevent yourself from getting thirsty? This article will help you better understand and learn how to improve your motivation (or affect others) by better understanding your subconscious.

Team Celebration – Party with a Purpose

Would you like to learn how to party with a purpose, i.e. hold a team celebration? I’ll show you how to do that AND improve yourself in the process!