What is the Truby Management System?

A Proven Leadership System…

You Become a Confident, Respected, and Successful  Leader PLUS build a high-performing team and grow you business at the same time

Are you a frustrated leader?

Then you can relate to what our clients tell us all the time…


My personal time is eaten up by people problems and business frustrations. I have to take work home all the time. “What to do?” keeps me up at night. I’m working so hard and my business (or team) is putting out a lot of effort – but the profits and benefits just don’t seem to measure up.

I’m constantly having to follow up with people and make sure they do their job. And they are constantly making the same mistakes, bringing up the same issues, and just don’t take initiative to contribute a solution.

It’s all up to me! And, if truth be told, I don’t have the confidence I need to know what to do. 

And are you…

Tired of people not being accountable?

Tired of spending so much time managing others and sacrificing your time?

Tired of working so hard and making so little?

We understand. We’ve been there. And…
We’ve solved these problems!

The Truby Management System (TMS) was designed to use common sense principles, rooted in ancient wisdom, to solve every day problems. It’s a proven system that’s helped thousands of people. Implementing the teachings and tools is simple. Then they become a way of life.

TMS is not a program you learn…and then get back to work. Instead, it is a way to do what you already do…differently. That’s why it doesn’t take a lot of time. It is an approach with four decades of proven success, fueled by ancient wisdom, that shows you how to make simple, common sense adjustments in your leadership and management processes.

These “mind shifts” and resulting behavior adjustments in you and your team members, create immediate positive results that are easily sustainable.

The magic happens by implementing our management system, then learning leadership skillsets to maximize its success. The key indicators of your positive results include — reduced leadership time, increased morale and retention, team members work with relentless accountability, growth of your business, increased efficiency and greater profitability…all while enjoying a leadership and management confidence few people possess.

TMS is a Leadership & Management System focused on People

Build Leaders and Manager

A precise management system your leaders put into practice. Success starts at the top. No one can rise above the attitude, behavior and work ethics of your leadership. Change how you lead and manage… it changes the company.

Improve Operations

TMS works for an entire business, leading a department, or managing a small team. In all cases, this system propels your company into greater success – success you deserve.

Grow Business

Contains ancient wisdom, implemented in eight simple steps, proven to give quick results. When this system is used, profits increase, efficiency increases, morale increases, and it’s all done with an ease never experienced before.

Are You Ready to Learn More about the Truby Management System?

Start with our FREE Leadership Masterclass to introduce you to the 8 steps of the Truby Management System and more.

Our Leadership Masterclass Will  Teach You How To:


Maximize the power in the leadership role so your team members KNOW what to do next, and collectively accelerate success. The sense of responsibility for reaching business goals broadens beyond just you.


Implement our proven 8-step business system (Truby Management System) that analyzes, organizes, and energizes your business practices and team processes. Efficiency and smooth operations become a day-to-day reality.


Build a high-performing team of accountable people, each feeling the pride of ownership in their role and achievements. Your time needed to deal with “petty people problems” falls to practically zero.

masterclass video displayed on a desktop - proven leadership system from truby achievements - the truby management system

When is the Masterclass Available?


There are no pre-scheduled time slots. You get access as soon as you sign up (or the option to start the class at a later time).

To support the class, you’ll also receive a Workbook to summarize the key foundational points, record your learnings, consider the areas of weakness for your team/business, and more…

This Masterclass Really Helps!

But, don’t just take our word for it…

I decided to watch a bit of TMS Revealed Video over breakfast. I figured I’d take a few minutes to watch the beginning.

It was so captivating and spot-on, the hour training went by quickly. It was packed with just what I needed to be a better leader. Well worth the time!

Tracy Jonelis, MD

Chief of Nephrology & Improvement Advisor, Kaiser Permanente / San Francisco Medical Center