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Practice Listening

Video Transcript Listening is a much more important part of the communication process than talking. When a person does not feel listened to, they don’t feel valued. They feel distant….

Party with a Purpose

Video Transcript How would you like to party with a purpose? We have a four-stage, a four-part, process for celebration when a team achieves something that is meaningful, that is…

Four Reasons for Lack of Follow Through

Video Transcript There are four reasons why somebody wouldn’t follow through: Lack of awareness. Lack of training. Lack of resources. And lack of accountability. The first one, some glitch in…

Tearing Down a Fort

Video Transcript When I was about 10 years old, we lived by this rather large field. And across the way there were houses. And on our side of the field…

Giving Gratitude – A Selfish Act?

Video Transcript Showing gratitude to someone, from one perspective, can be a selfish act! Why? Because gratitude benefits the person expressing the gratitude. I read an article from the Mayo…

You Weren’t Born Disliking Broccoli

Video Transcript You were not born with a dislike for broccoli. Nor did you decide it. You didn’t wake up one morning and go, I am choosing today to never…

You Are Defined By Your Bad Days

Video Transcript Did you know that you’re defined by your bad days, not your good ones? It’s true. You can spend 99.9% of your time in stellar interactions with people,…

Look Where You Land

Video Transcript When an athlete performs some kind of maneuver where they’re in the air, and they’re twisting and turning, if you watch them, you’ll notice that before they land,…

Don’t Think of a Watermelon

Video Transcript If you want to fix or correct behavior or negativity, don’t focus on what you DON’T want. Focus on what you DO want. Why? Because the human mind…

Plant More Grass

Video Transcript When I was young, I did a lot of work. I did a lot of side jobs. I worked my way through school, through college. I didn’t have…

Customer Service and Quality Won’t Help You

Video Transcript Don’t expect customer service and quality to be what causes your business to be different or to cause customers to come to you. It’s a given. It’s an…

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