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Setting Business Goals – Where to Look Makes a Difference

Have you ever stopped to consider WHERE you look when setting a business goal? It makes a surprisingly huge difference. Lessons from the Ranch I grew up on my uncle’s…

Manage and Resolve Conflict – A Six-Step Process

A man at the airport was very emotional, actually, quite livid. He was shouting about missing his plane because the monitors were wrong in giving the gate information. He was…

Ultimate List of Leadership, Management, and Business Related Quotes Compiled by Truby Achievements

Throughout time, quotes have been used to educate, inspire, motivate, and even change behavior. Words have power. The use of relevant, well said, well-timed words make a quick and significant…

7 Key Leadership Skills (Plus a Self-Assessment to Evaluate Your Effectiveness as a Leader)

Whether you consider yourself a leader or manager, there are 7 key leadership skills that can help you be successful. We call these “leadership” skills because the mindset in these…

10 Tips for How to Lead in a Crisis

Do you know how to lead in a crisis? One of our most powerful tutorials, “The Power in the Chair”, teaches us about the hidden powers in the leadership role….

For Quick Self-Care – Use a P.O.W.E.R. Moment

Need a moment for quick self-care? This P.O.W.E.R. moment can be done every 30 minutes to strengthen your stamina and well-being. P – Posture Slide back in your chair and…

Not in the People Business? You’re Still in the Business of People!

Leadership is a Powerful Force The pilot of a plane, a football coach, a hotel manager… all determine how each of their teams function. Indeed, that leader’s influence has a…

What is Your Value?

What Do Your Customers Actually Buy? What you sell is often NOT what your customers are buying… An architectural firm thought they were selling innovative and award-winning design. When their…

Marketing for a Nonprofit Organization

Audience Segmentation and Strategic Alignment Any marketing strategy starts with setting an objective. Typically there are two: Short-term, which is profit Long-term – market share gains Even though in the…

How to Start a Relationship Safely

Don’t Lose Yourself After years of consistently hearing about the misery, and the sad after-effects of bad relationships, Joann and I decided that it was critical to write a guide…

Make Better Decisions – Why Managers Violate Natural Laws

How the Study of Human Nature Can Guide Managers to Make Better Decisions Everyone seems to know about natural laws and the consequences of violating those laws. Take the law…

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