What Type of Leader Are You?

Answer 20 quick questions and we’ll tell you what kind of leader you are: Octopus, Cattle Dog, Shepherd, or Air Traffic Controller.

We’ll share how YOUR leadership type affects your team business.

Do you lead like an Octopus, a Cattle Dog, a Shepherd or an Air Traffic Controller?

This quiz is primarily for fun and not based on a scientific process. However, after multiple decades of interactions with leaders, we think you’ll find the results quite accurate. AND, it’s fun to compare notes with other leaders to see if you are talking to an Octopus, Cattle Dog, Shepherd or Air Traffic Controller.”


Curious Before You Begin… Who Made This Quiz?

bill truby experienced leader with truby achievements

Truby Achievements Co-Founder, Bill Truby, has been helping businesses solve their problems for decades. He holds an MA in psychology, and has extensive experience in business operations and management. He has brought common sense teachings and tools to owners, leaders, and teams for over 40 years, propelling them to more abundant success.

Within that work, Bill has used a variety of testing and assessment tools. Some are scientific-based, some are assessment tools built from experience, and some are REVEALINGLY fun! Like this one.

Though a bit “tongue-in-cheek” regarding terminology, you’ll find the outcome of this test quite revealing…and spot-on in describing your leadership attributes AND how it’s affecting your team.