What Type of Leader Are You?

It’s virtually impossible to assess a leader’s effectiveness by asking questions about that leader. However, the effectiveness of a leader is undeniably and directly manifested in the attitude and behavior of their team. Assess your team members, and you assess the leader.

Answer 20 quick questions about your team, and we’ll tell you what kind of leader you are: an Octopus, Cattle Dog, Shepherd, or Air Traffic Controller.

We’ll also share how this type of leadership may be affecting you and your business.

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Are you an Octopus, Cattle Dog, Shepherd, or Air Traffic Controller?

This quiz is primarily for fun and not based on a scientific process. However, after multiple decades of interactions with leaders, we think you’ll find the results quite accurate. AND, it’s fun to compare notes with other leaders to see if you are talking to an Octopus, Cattle Dog, Shepherd or Air Traffic Controller.”