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Opportunities with Truby Achievements

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We can assist you in giving your members an online, simple, and inexpensive way to propel their leadership and management skills including communication, team building, delegation, productivity, conflict resolution, and much more!

Partnering with Truby Achievements allows you to offer immediate additional development, training, and resources through your membership.

How Does It Work?

For every Association Member who purchases a Truby Achievements Membership, your Association receives two benefits:

Association Member Benefit

You can provide an additional benefit of membership to your organization by offering an unpublished 20% discount on our Truby Achievements published membership rates. 

Association Revenue Stream

We share a portion of the membership sales with you (and we don’t hold anything back for expenses). A full 10% of the TOTAL revenue from your membership’s purchases is paid to your Association on a monthly basis. 

An Individual Leader subscription is $97.00 per month or $931 per year. Additional subscription levels are available for teams. To see the complete pricing and membership details, view our membership page

Who Does What?

Truby Achievement Responsibilities

  • Provide an agreement for review and signature between both parties.
  • Assist with creating language and collateral for your Association landing page.
  • Send monthly affiliate commission checks (after each membership is past the 30-day refund period). 

Association Responsibilities

  • With our assistance, create a unique landing page on your organization’s website describing the Truby Achievements Membership and how it benefits your Association members.
  • Advertise the offer to your members through your existing association communication. Any paid advertising that references Truby Achievements will need to be submitted for approval.
  • Provide a W9 for tax reporting.

Additional options are available to hire Bill and Joann Truby to provide training unique to your association’s needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the affiliate commissions work?

For every purchase made by one of your association members, you’ll receive 10% back from the total sales for the LIFE of their membership with Truby Achievements (of the discounted membership price).

For example, our monthly Individual Leader subscription is $97.00/month. It would be offered to your members at a 20% discounted rate of $77.60/month.

If you have 50 association members purchase Individual Leader subscriptions at $77.60/member per month, your association will receive 10% of that revenue each month. That translates to $4,656.00 to your association for the year. ($77.60 * 50 members * 12 * 10% = $4,656.00).

To track the sales, your association will be set up as an affiliate with Truby Achievements. All purchases made as a result of a unique link that you provide to your association members will be attributed to your efforts. Payments for any membership sales will be paid at the end of each month (after a 30-day refund period has passed).

How can I review the quality of the membership site and training?

You can watch one video immediately to see the quality of the training:

We are happy to schedule a Zoom conference call with you to provide a guided walk-through of the membership site and share more examples of the tutorial content.

We can also provide a free 1-month trial account for your management consideration.

What kind of training is included on the site?

A map of the training content, including links to every tutorial, is available for your review here:


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