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"I was pleasantly surprised with the video and sound quality.- Jim

"This is exactly what I needed for my staff!"  - Bruce

Three areas of training:
  • Personal Power
  • Meaningful Relationships
  • Leadership-Management Development

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The Achievement Club is filled with short trainings to fit into your busy day.

Each training is designed to give you quick and sustainable results.

Anywhere you have internet access you can view a training. Waiting time just became learning time.

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Business Development for LA Firms

A specific downloadable program now a part of the Truby Achievement Club - see below

Now you get more information for less cost!

Truby Achievement Club
One achievement a week makes for one great year!

"Quick-Flicks" - Video Trainings Available on Desktop AND Mobile Devices

  • Trainings available anywhere you have internet access
  • Videos are short and to the point - waiting time becomes learning time
  • Audio Only Option - listen while working or download to a disk for your car or MP3 while you exercise

    "Quick-Flicks" - Short Video Trainings Available on Desktop AND Mobile Devices

    • Trainings available anywhere you have internet access
    • Videos are short and to the point - waiting time becomes learning time
    • Audio Only Option - listen while working or download to a disk for your car or MP3 while you exercise
    Sample Videos
    From Personal Library
    Sample Videos
    From Business Library
    The Energy that Prevents Listening How to Get Promoted
    Analyze Your Dreams How to Remember Names

    Following is detailed information about the Business Development Program for LA firms. The Business and Leadership Development Training is a specific, downloadable program within the Truby Achievement Club.

    Business Tool Kit for LA Firms

    Everything needed to lead and manage your business, staff and clients. 25-year track record of success.

    This business tool kit provides 5 sets of tools with 39 action items in the following areas that strengthen and grow your firm.

    1. Assessment: Assess your firm’s strengths and weaknesses to find opportunities for improvement; assess your clients to better serve them and assess your "self" to see if you are limiting your business in any way

    2. People Management: Maximize the contribution of staff with better accountability, communication and teamwork; learn how to deal with difficult people

    3. Visionary Strategic Plan: Create an inspirational vision that is supported with a focused business plan that aligns your decisions, efforts, and resources

    4. Efficiency Systems: Build systems to conduct work more efficiently, productively and profitably; lessen stress and create a smooth work flow that gives a better quality of work life (and saves you time)

    5. Marketing: Implement a marketing process and message that takes little time and effort to implement, yet holds on to current clients and is compelling to new clients

    You get quick and measurable outcomes by implementing the tools in this program.

    When you enroll you can immediately download the first module, or any module that interests you (though working through the program sequentially is preferable). Be sure and download the "Read Me First" file for important information and instructions.

    New Resource - A Business Development Program for THIS Economic Crisis - Especially Suited for Small Firma

    In these troubled times, many landscape architectural firms have moved from growth strategies to survival strategies. Dwindling resources in the public and private sectors have limited available projects. This has caused many firms to tighten their belts, stop discretionary spending, and conduct painful layoffs of valuable staff.

    A vast majority of ASLA members are people who own small firms. These individuals, who were already conducting business on a shoe string, have personally and profoundly felt the crunch. That’s who this new resource is designed to help. This Business Development Program is like a toolkit that gives you everything you need to survive…and to move on from surviving to actually growing your business.

    The Truby’s have created this program especially for the thousands of small Landscape Architectural firms who need help, but don’t have the time or money to get it. Not only do the Truby’s understand the A/E world and the specific issues small firms face, they also understand the economic overlay to the already stressful life of managing a small firm.

    Small firms have limited resources. This Business Development Program is designed to address this issue. It's risk free, easy to implement, and takes very little time and money. It’s a modular program that’s implemented in “bite-sized” chunks so it doesn’t take much time. Your first 30 days of membership costs only $1.00, then the fee to continue membership is discounted for ASLA members to cost only less than $10.00 a month.

    And remember, this program is now a part of the Achievement Club where you'll be able to view short video trainings on a variety of personal, relationship and business topics.

    Where does this program come from?

    This new resource is really not “new” at all – for two reasons. First, this program is based on five natural laws, the “Laws of Achievement” that are embedded in the very fabric of nature and our existence. They govern the success of any “achievement” both personally and professionally. Second, the Truby’s have created business tools to implement these laws which they have been using in real-world scenarios for close to 30 years.

    “We’re NOT just teaching theory,” says Joann Truby, “we’ve been fine-tuning these tools for many years, and many firms have seen their benefits in increased productivity, profitability, and morale – while lessening stress, and the drain on time, energy and resources.”

    Bill Truby said, “In addition to implementing these laws and tools in large and small firms around the country, we’ve been hired to manage the ‘people and process’ part of large environmental projects. The program and the tools worked – every time!”

    What others have said about the program…

    “The "Door to a Thriving Business Program gives a solid process full of information, concepts, and implementation tools that I really believe are of more practical value than my MBA.”

    Thomas R. Dunbar FASLA, Past President ASLA
    Executive Director, Center for Resilient Cities, Madison, WI

    "My experience with your leadership training and successful business training has been wonderful. Your techniques are very valuable, yet easy to apply and use…Your programs offer this advice in practical, bite-sized portions! I'd recommend this program to just about anyone who thinks there is room for improvement in their workplace or organization."

    Adam A. Supplee, RLA, AICP / KMS Design Group, LLC / Phoenixville, PA

    “…there are books out there that you could get similar information from. But I would argue that 99.9% of books that are 120 pages long can be told in about 20 pages. The rest of it is all filler. I think what you are presenting is more to the point and shows people HOW TO implement the steps needed to take to get ACTUAL RESULTS. Most books never explain in detail the "how to" process. The sad thing is that I didn't take nor was i required to take any classes in school that even grazed the topics that you are talking about in these modules.”

    Nathan Lansing – recently graduated Landscape Architect

    “With early signs of simple improvement, we are excited at the potential for even greater levels of achievement as we work through the remaining modules of “The Door to a Thriving Business” program. While change won’t be easy or overnight, we do believe that it is achievable and that we can improve the performance of our team thanks to the tools you’ve presented. We look forward to continued improvement and dialogue with you and Joann throughout this journey.”

    Terry Berkbuegler, ASLA / Confluence; Principal / Vice President

    Bill and Joann Truby know ASLA: Owners of Truby Achievements, Inc., Bill and Joann Truby have been consulting and training A/E firms for close to 30 years. Belt Collins, JJ&R, EDAW, Confluence, Kikuchi & Associates are among some of the Landscape Architectural firms they have worked with. For many years, National ASLA has contracted with the Truby’s to conduct leadership training around the country. Bill and Joann have also been keynote speakers and conducted workshops for local chapters and ASLA state events. Contact the Trubys: 800-800-8910 or 530-926-2328 or info@billtruby.com


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  • Business Growth
  • Personal Power
  • Confidence, Peace, Happiness
  • Professional Development
  • Leadership Skills
  • Operational Excellence

"I can't tell you how much my membership has benefited me. I view the trainings regularly. Your simple teachings show me how to be happy."

- Joan

"Your downloadable leadership program was better than my MBA. It gave me a ton of practical tools I was able to use immediately."
- Steve

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There is an extensive amount of trainings that inspire and teach you how to be happy, successful and have an abundant life. New trainings and mini-movies are added every month and each one is clear, practical, proven and gives you quick, long-lasting results.

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